How to buy an e-book?

Buying a book whether electronic or not can be hard, especially when you’re on a budget. It becomes WWIII. You can’t choose because you want ALL of them.

How to buy an e-book?

I usually get my e-books on Amazon. I’ve bought a few on iBooks but Amazon is my number one go to place for my Kindle. So my advise is based on my experience with Amazon.

These are the tips on how to buy e-books:

  1. Never BUY where it’s not safe. Beware of your surroundings. You don’t want to become a cyber crime victim, that will just make your whole electronic reading experience awful. (IMPORTANT)
  2.  Be conscious of how much you spend. In fact, I suggest that you have a limit on the number of e-books you buy. And have a limit on how much you spend. I suggest never buying anything beyond $4.99. It is easy to get carried away.
  3. Always shop around. I’m loyal to Amazon, but it never hurts to look around. Check out Kobo, iBookNook and Scribd.
  4. If you’re not sure about the book, always download the sample. It’s FREE! Mahala!
  5. If you’re buying a free e-book, check if it’s not a series. Because they tend to have cliffhangers that drive you to buy the next one. So, beware Royal Pressers.
  6. Be patient, the price will eventually go down. It might take a year. At least you’ll get a bargain. ;o)
  7. Check out the weekly and monthly deals. In fact, scout for them.
  8. Last, but not least, check out pre-order deals. You can get a bargain.

As aforementioned in #5, there are freebies. Yes, FFFRRREEE!!! Always check out free books, there are many stand-alones, so you don’t have to worry about following a series.

Reaction when you get that free e-book:

giphy (3)

I want to stress point #1, please protect your credit information. I never buy my e-books anywhere but home. I also want to stress point #6, be patient in buying, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you can get at a cheaper price later on. Yes, everyone is going to be raving about the book but at the end of the day, reading is your own personal experience.

The prices on Amazon can range from $0.99 to a steep amount of $20-something. I don’t even bother looking at anything above $4.99, unless I’m a die-hard fan. I still think $2.99 is expensive though. I live on a student budget. But, when you know you have to get the book, you know.

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