Laugh, learn and love…and laugh some more

Imperfect Chemistry -Lucy Frame

“You know there is an evolutional explanation behind the social patterns Cameron is exhibiting. Biologically, our urges are based on the continuance of the species. With this in mind, logically, the male can inseminate multiple females with hardly any responsibility or time constraints, while females are required to endure a nine-month gestation period followed by nearly eighteen years of preparing their offspring to be self-sufficient. From a purely scientific standpoint, this explains both male and female behavior: why males feel it necessary to ‘sleep around’ like Cameron is doing, and why females are typically selective. Women want someone who will take care of them and their progeny, hence the attraction to men with money and power. They also want someone with healthy genetic features that will pass onto their offspring, which explains physical attraction.” -Lucy London (Mary Frame, Imperfect Chemistry)

That pretty much sums up Imperfect Chemistry…and that one biology lesson you missed in high school. Can I just say that I absolutely laughed my ass behind off. I would love to have Lucy on my dinner table, the girl is the definition of candid. I love her!

Forget the character development and the build up of the story, for a minute or…six. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Lucy London for being who she is. A bad ass chick. Oops, I mean a brainy wordsmith who has no time for awkwardness…and please expect and appreciate the awkward situations Lucy, the genius, puts herself in. They make this book what it is.

Imperfect Chemistry is about Lucy London doing what Lucy does best, writing a thesis studying human emotions. Yes, emotions as in the cause of the eye waterfalls and the trigger of swoon-activation when a hot guys passes by. Of course, it wouldn’t be such hit if Lucy doesn’t experience her study- experiencing emotions a.k.a fall in love. SWOON! The book is sweet, amazing and explores the title in a sagacious manner. It is able to make us see Lucy for who she is and understand her character; and see what makes her different from her peers. It is most definitely NOT a typical romantic novel (in your face, realists!), as much as it has a happy ending and the predictable ‘hurdle’ that Lucy and Jensen face. Imperfect Chemistry is as much about friendship between Lucy, Freya, Ted and Bethany as it is about the relationship between Lucy and Jensen. Many reviews explore the relationship but I really loved the friendship that took place. From Lucy’s first atrocious meet up with Freya and to a little B&E together they defined the imperfect chemistry of their friendship. I probably raved about this book the moment I first read the sample. And I truly think that every girl needs a friend like Lucy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you better get book. You won’t be disappointed, but you will laugh. A lot.


Imperfect Chemistry is imperfectly perfect (don’t roll your eyes) for anyone. Yes, I said the forbidden word. This book is fun, funny, geeky and you get learn new words such as cunnilingus. Don’t google it, if you know what’s best for you. Trust me!

Get the book for $8.09 on Amazon or get the free eBook here: Imperfect Chemistry

Yours Truly,


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