I don’t know how I feel about this book. I’m conflicted. I mean I like the big idea behind this book. I really do. But I didn’t connect with book and the characters. You guys don’t understand. I’ve been anticipating this book for so long. I willing to save money to get a paperback. But the more I read, the more wonk, wonk, kept playing in my mind. I mean I finished the book but still. I’m not happy about it.

I love, really love, the idea of music and a band that is trying to make it. And I love that both Chase and Hailey have understanding and passion for music. The kind that I don’t have. I really have no musical bone in my body. I mean, occasionally I have a visit from the musical fairy but she passes me all the time. So, my music talent is more of a spike in passing. But these two are talented. They live and breathe music. Whether Hailey knows it or not.

Chase had potential to grow. He really did. And in the beginning, I thought he was so sweet. So mature. But in the middle? He was exactly what he didn’t want to be. I found his character childish, immature and bratty. Hailey, on the other hand I’m very confused about. I know she shields herself with the planning. Girl, I need you in my life. The clothes, I don’t know if they were a lack of a mother or she really didn’t have fashion sense. And I have no problem with what she wears, I just simply did not see the significant in them if she was going to get an immediate make-over. Peer-pressure alert! Not saying she was peer-pressured. I’m just saying a lot did not align in this story

I also feel like the story was so rushed that the unfamiliar territory was not full unpacked. Both for the individual characters and for their relationship. All I got was that music was common ground for both Chase and Hailey. The only difference was their background and their traits. But then again, so does many couples. And many books have that factor in their books. So what was so distinct about this book? Why unfamiliar? The lack of an answer to that question left me wanting. I needed more. And after reading some from Komal Kant, I anticipated a bang. The kind that left an echo. But there was nothing.

My biggest issue above all else is the epilogue. I can’t read a promising prologue and end with an unsatisfactory epilogue. It doesn’t matter how you begin, what matters is how you end. I know the beginning is important to draw readers in, but the end? The end is heart. If the heart fails, it doesn’t matter that the lungs are drawing oxygen, because the lungs are going to collapse because of the carbon dioxide inside. What I mean is, it doesn’t matter what I read before, how you wrap up the end, the story, is important. Primary effect doesn’t work with recency effect. Recency effect is boss.

I’m sure Erica Cope has written amazing books like Komal Kant. But this was not it for me.

All I can say is this book had a great potential. I rate it two crowns.

If you’ve read this book and you call bullshit, leave a comment. Also if you agree with me, let’s agree together by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to be kind and like this post. Thanks for reading!

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Where do I start? Gush over F*ck Love or Tarryn Fisher first? As you can imagine that this is my first Tarryn Fisher book. And I hear this book is very different from her previous books. But oh my goodness, this book was epic. I’m going to gush about a few things or a lot of things. But first, let me take a selfie. Title it: Gushing over F*ck Love.

**Side Note: As I was reading this book, I kept asking myself if the story was a love triangle. I don’t think it was. What constitutes a love triangle?

I recommend this book and give it four crowns and another crown for Tarryn. So that’s Five crowns. The crowns are equivalent to stars. Get it and read it. And I’m telling you right now, a Tarryn Fisher weekend is in the horizon. I’m thinking the Love Me With Lies books…

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