First world problems

Hi all, so I have this really cool review I’ve been writing; and this Friday it’s book confession, already wrote it up. Yay!

However, there is a nay. I am currently experiencing internet problems at the moment. This means I can’t access my account where I do my graphics. I feel sad about this internet problem. I’m currently using my WP app to write this message, thank the Lord for apps.

When my internet is fixed, hopefully this week and latest next week, I will post and I will do a double feature for the book confession tag. 

I hope you are all well. Currently doing my internship and it’s really awesome. How I know, my laughing quota is always at the brim during the first half of my day. 

Yours, even in first world problems,




Aloha, beauties!


First, I missed you guys. A lot. I missed the community love and just simply being here. Second, welcome new follower(s), I’m rad, and I’m convinced that I truly am an African Duchess of Southern Africa, but meh, *shrug*.

Disclosure: It’s being so long since I’ve written something in this persona, which really is my true persona, but my writing may have taken a worse turn. So, don’t look too closely at my grammar and the yadi yadda. If that turns your stomach, I love you, bye now. 😉

*puts on a charismatic smile*

Did you miss me?  Cue: excessive eyelash fluttering

I titled this post Aloha because I aloha is like namaste or shalom. It’s well rounded. I actually Googled it. Hello, goodbye – and everything in between, which I added the ‘everything in between’ part. I did it so because you never know when I might just go MIA, again. Okay, I sound like a flighty commitment-phobe on-again-off-again boyfriend. Oops! *insert that cute monkey emoji*

What I’m trying to so eloquently say is, I don’t know how long I’m going to be here.

Why I’ve been away?

University. If you are in college or have been, you know that sometimes things get messy. Assignments, assessments, projects, exams and everything in between can be overwhelming. So, I had all that to deal with and I also had to juggle it all with some of the races I’ve run, tutoring and being a bit of TA. So, something had to give. Priorities, priorities.

That’s simply summarising everything so far.

So, what now?

I’m on a break, yippee! It’s going to end soon due to an internship coming up in July; thus Aloha.

What I’m going to do so far is write reviews on books I’ve read. I hope to do more tags and get back in the game.

At the beginning of the year, I said I’m going to start a tag, BOOK CONFESSIONS, and I have been thinking of starting it up, real soon. I’m looking forward to that, and I certainly hope you guys will participate and join in the fun ;).

What to expect?

I said on one of my posts that this year I’m going to read different genres and authors, so I’m possibly going to review non-fiction books during the course of the year. So, don’t be surprised. However, I will be reading a handful fiction books here and there, because I’m in a love affair with fiction. #BookBoyfriend

Also, my lovely blog is going to be under construction. I’m trying to make it more user-friendly. So, if you see something missing on my menu, don’t freak out.

P.S. Don’t worry, those construction guys won’t even know you passed here. No low whistling accompanied by ‘Dayum, girl’, ‘mamasita’ and ‘hey, babey’. It’s going to be construction guys free zone.

When is a review coming?

Next week. If you follow me on Instagram, you know which book I’m talking about.

Yes, I’m giving you permission to stalk me on Instagram.

Like, comment, share and tell your friends about the flighty commitment-phobe blogger who claims to be a Duchess. 😉



Catch up and November Releases

Catch Up

October has been crazy. It has been HELL. And it felt like the Titanic wreck. Am. Not. Exaggerating.


And I felt like Jack and Rose… At times I thought I was going face Jack’s fate, but I stayed afloat like Rose. Not that I had a choice. Survival of the fittest, the yaddi-yadda and all.

Jack Fate

Though, this month was filled with so much work and there were days I wanted to say: Fudge it! I really liked it. Yes, I can see the irony. It was hell but I liked it. The breathing and eating the uni work got me high. I liked the rush of waking up, going to uni, coming back and doing work. Sleep was a luxury, especially the last week. But I made it and when I did, I shook my booty like…


I really did! *Insert the laughing real hard emoticon*

I also managed to read a few books that had been on my TBR list for quite sometime. These are the books I read:

  1. Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras 
  2. An Unlikely Match by Barbara Dunlop
  3. Pieces of You and Me by Pamela Ann
  4. Silence by Natasha Preston
  5. Broken at Love by Lyla Payne

These were really enjoyable and there were each different in their own right. I’m going to write reviews on a few of them. But, Torn Hearts, people. It’s breaking and tearing. I’m looking forward to reading the first book, Kaleidoscope Hearts and the third one, Paper Hearts, which Torn Hearts is prelude for.

November Releases

I’m looking forward to November because some epic books are coming out. And to be honest, I’m not going get them in November because I live on a Student Budget and my mom is only interested in giving money if it’s university related. And my dad is funding my social life, he doesn’t know that though. LOL! Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to buying or reading these books, God knows I’ve been waiting for them for a long LONG LONG time.

November 9

I love CoHo and I am so looking forward to Ben and Fallon’s relationship. And with some quotes that have been thrown at me, I’m already loving Benton. He’s got my heart.


Haven’t read the first book yet, but it seems really interesting. I like books that expose the wrongs of government, whether from the past or the present. This book has that. And it seems like there are going to be a lot of twists and turns.

For the record

For The Record seems really interesting.I’m not a fan of teen becoming a rock star or actress, or anything fame related. But this, somehow, got my attention. I probably won’t buy it but I will definitely read it. Going to get it at the library.

Like and let me know your thoughts and tell me which books you looking forward to.

Yours Truly,