Ladies, can we all just take a minute… or five to gawk, drool, and swoon at Lance Parker and his abs?

Drooling for Lance Parker


Okay, another gawk-drool-swoon for Freddie Archibald… let it all out, ladies.

Drool for FreddieBefore I begin to rave about this book, I’d say get yourself a copy of Scoring Wilder… it just makes this sports romance sweeter. Um… because Liam Wilder!

Settling the Score…

…has it all. A touch of fairy-tale? Yes! A dose of real life? Uh, yeah! A helluva of Romance? Yesss! One or two modern day monsters? Yep! Hot guys? Imagine Calvin Klein male models. Yeah, a continent full of those fine specimen. Okay, close your mouth, girl. 😉

I went into this book thinking: Playboy meets a nice girl with great ambitions and falls hard, add a few hurdles and speed bumps and viola happy ever after. But, nope. Rachel (R.S. Grey) had other things on her mind. Forbidden love. At least for a while.

I thought I’d had my fill of forbidden love stories. That I can only take it in small doses. But this forbidden love story, which really wasn’t forbidden at all- semantics were, I wanted it all. I devoured it.  It took me longer to finish, but not because of lack of good content, but because I knew if I devoured it all in one go, it will be over way too soon. And Greed has never looked good on anyone.

I loved that Rachel took us through a journey, and didn’t just thrust us into a whirlwind romance. I loved that, from the beginning, we got a taste of Brazil. We also got a taste of the Olympics village. I found myself wondering why I wasn’t ever committed to sports. I found myself wanting to join a team so that in four years time I’d be going to the Summer Games too.

This whole novel, for me- when I truly think about, it felt like Andie and Freddie were telling me their story, especially Andie. Instead of me watching from the outside. I really don’t want to say more, because I know this will be filled with spoilers if I write more. This book was that good. I will say this, though, the primary supporting characters were ah-mah-zing. Can they be my friends? Pretty please? Because, squad goals. I never say that but really, they all are squad goals.

Freddie was anything but a playboy or even a bad boy. He’s kind of the guy every mother wants for her daughter. His character was simply amazing and humbling. I think that’s why I sort of fell for him #BookBoyfriend. He was unexpected and I’m being honest. Again, I don’t know how to write this review without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it. Everything I want to write, right now, will be giving out way too many key elements of the story. Especially if I talk about F-F-Freddie.

Andie, as well, was unexpected. Like going to McDonalds for chicken nuggets and getting served real chicken nuggets, instead of dried cardboard unexpected. That was Andie- a real chicken nugget. If you’ve read, Scoring Wilder, all I can say is what Kingsley went through with the media Andie went through that and more. To endure that kind of hostility from teammates and harshness from strangers you have to so strong. And Andie was exactly that. I wanted to be her when her confidence rose. It was beautiful. When everyone expected her to accept defeat, she rose like a phoenix from proverbial flames. To be honest I wanted to be her all the time. Because…Freddie.But mostly, I wanted to have the drive she had. The confidence she had in herself, her body, her ability.

One thing I didn’t like, was that this book was slightly similar to Scoring Wilder, but after mulling over the idea I think Rachel did so purposefully. Kingsley and Andie are different in their own right. I think the characters from Scoring Wilder crossed over because of the kind of support only those characters can give.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the Summer Games. Rachel, if it is not too much to ask for, can that  hot soccer guy with bad English get his own book or happy ever after too? Guys, they way this guy was speaking English was adorable. Really cute.

I give this book four stars, but because the epilogue and the epilogue of the epilogue satiated me, I give it one extra star. Go big or go home, right?

I’ve read about four or five R.S. Grey books so far, started this year and I’ve loved them all. I will probably review some. Having said that, I recommend this book and much more to come. I also recommend the author. Her writing style is captivating.

Hope you enjoyed this review, and I know I didn’t make sense half the time but… F-Freddie. Blame him for my incoherence.

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Aloha, beauties!


First, I missed you guys. A lot. I missed the community love and just simply being here. Second, welcome new follower(s), I’m rad, and I’m convinced that I truly am an African Duchess of Southern Africa, but meh, *shrug*.

Disclosure: It’s being so long since I’ve written something in this persona, which really is my true persona, but my writing may have taken a worse turn. So, don’t look too closely at my grammar and the yadi yadda. If that turns your stomach, I love you, bye now. 😉

*puts on a charismatic smile*

Did you miss me?  Cue: excessive eyelash fluttering

I titled this post Aloha because I aloha is like namaste or shalom. It’s well rounded. I actually Googled it. Hello, goodbye – and everything in between, which I added the ‘everything in between’ part. I did it so because you never know when I might just go MIA, again. Okay, I sound like a flighty commitment-phobe on-again-off-again boyfriend. Oops! *insert that cute monkey emoji*

What I’m trying to so eloquently say is, I don’t know how long I’m going to be here.

Why I’ve been away?

University. If you are in college or have been, you know that sometimes things get messy. Assignments, assessments, projects, exams and everything in between can be overwhelming. So, I had all that to deal with and I also had to juggle it all with some of the races I’ve run, tutoring and being a bit of TA. So, something had to give. Priorities, priorities.

That’s simply summarising everything so far.

So, what now?

I’m on a break, yippee! It’s going to end soon due to an internship coming up in July; thus Aloha.

What I’m going to do so far is write reviews on books I’ve read. I hope to do more tags and get back in the game.

At the beginning of the year, I said I’m going to start a tag, BOOK CONFESSIONS, and I have been thinking of starting it up, real soon. I’m looking forward to that, and I certainly hope you guys will participate and join in the fun ;).

What to expect?

I said on one of my posts that this year I’m going to read different genres and authors, so I’m possibly going to review non-fiction books during the course of the year. So, don’t be surprised. However, I will be reading a handful fiction books here and there, because I’m in a love affair with fiction. #BookBoyfriend

Also, my lovely blog is going to be under construction. I’m trying to make it more user-friendly. So, if you see something missing on my menu, don’t freak out.

P.S. Don’t worry, those construction guys won’t even know you passed here. No low whistling accompanied by ‘Dayum, girl’, ‘mamasita’ and ‘hey, babey’. It’s going to be construction guys free zone.

When is a review coming?

Next week. If you follow me on Instagram, you know which book I’m talking about.

Yes, I’m giving you permission to stalk me on Instagram.

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Red Hill

Red Hill R logo.png

Have read anything by Jamie McGuire? If you have not, get any book by her and be addicted. If you have then you know the next three words mean the world to bibliophiles. TRAVIS F*^KING MADDOX. Though, I think, MADDOX will suffice. Don’t you think? As you can tell, Red Hill is not the first book I have read by Jamie McGuire, nor will it be the last. The genre, however, is new (by Jamie, for me). Thriller! At night…

See what I did there? Hahahahaha!


Probably should warn you that when I say thriller it means there’s romance too. But Thriller is the main main genre, and romance is a very close second.

First, the book is told from three different people, all from different walks of life. Second, it is set in our time. Lastly, a zombie apocalypse is real in this fiction time of ours.

With that said, at first, I struggled to get started because I don’t like zombies. At all. Somehow I knew when Scarlet, one of the narrators, said “…the world ended on Friday” she meant zombies. I just knew. Moving from that page to the last was a struggle. I mean a three to five weeks of struggle. I eventually decided to just read it because I got the book from the library and I kept renewing it online. I also didn’t want to waste petrol (gas) by going back and forth to the library and not actually reading the book. Once, I pushed myself to read more, I was not disappointed.

The first two or so chapters went at a leisurely pace and the book took the time to reveal how it all started, at least, I think it took time. So, I was not suddenly thrust in the mayhem of the apocalypse. We got to know Scarlet a bit, which is important in order to understand her obsession in the last few chapters. The way Jamie McGuire reveals the cause of zombies it’s fascinating because you get to see it from the doctors’ perspective. The curiosity is there. You can almost feel their reaction when they learn about the bite, the effects and the diagnosis. It’s was like watching Grey’s Anatomy.

The way hell broke loose was chaotic. Apocalyptic. And so real. As a reader, I loved it. I found myself laughing at some graphics. What can I say, I am a bad person.

The lovely Scarlet took us on a thought-provoking parental journey. One I cannot begin to fathom. 

Nathan took us on another parental journey that was challenging. It was not the parental aspect that stood out for me, even though it was touching. It was humanity aspect that made my head run with thoughts of ‘what if I was there.’ Back to Nathan. People, whether you read or did not read this book, you love Nathan. He was it. I loved that his character was honest and human. He was not macho. If you’re macho, you probably would have died in this book. As I said, Nathan was not the kind. He is the type of guy you want in your corner. I’m not doing him justice.

Miranda added a ‘me’ perspective, you can even say a selfish perspective. As a reader, you got to see the event through a college student who just wanted things to go according to plan. At least for once. We have all went through that at some point in our lives, some of us, on a weekly basis. So, no matter what, I got Miranda.

For every character, life as they knew it changed. Scarlet was no longer a nurse and Nathan was no longer thinking about his wife-by-law and his miserable job. It was survival of the fittest. Miranda was going through some sort of a love triangle. Yes, a love triangle during a zombie apocalypse. This love triangle raised a few questions: should she follow her heart; should she stay with the guy she has learned to love and who loves her or should she give herself to the zombies? That last question was mine.

The most interesting thing about Red Hill was how the characters coincidentally passed each other until they all got to Red Hill. It struck me how in life we go through the same thing. We just miss meeting the right people. Imagine if they all met each other at one place and made it to Red Hill together? I digress.

Romance. I think Nathan and Scarlet were made in the stars. Pardon, my romanticism. However, the romance in apocalyptic times was just the right dose to give a read the hope needed. Jamie did not play with our hearts, she made the whole thing real.

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Yours Truly,


P.S. I mean no disrespect to the Muslim people. #Love

Her Backup Boyfriend


New Author! There are so many authors out there. I get excited when I find a new author on my favourite genre. You guessed it, romance. Her Backup Boyfriend, as you can tell is as cliche as The Bold And The Beautiful. You can roll eyes, sometimes I read romantic cliches like nobody’s beezneez. Especially fake boyfriend types, the fake husband is at the top, though.

Sidenote: Romantic cliches are good for the soul, sometimes.

I have had an eye on this book for quite some time and when I finally got it, you can imagine what I did. I dropped everything of course. And I loved it.

Kate was a delight but typical for this kind of romance. Aside from the romantic stance of: he-broke-up-with-me-but-I-want-him-back  and this-one-makes-my-heart-skip-a-beat, Kate was truly a well-rounded character. I liked that at the end she was true to herself. I loved, yes loved, that she was not a one-dimensional character. I usually don’t like red heads in books but she was one of my favourites. And that list is short. No offense to red heads, brunettes rule.

Dominic was an interesting fellow. He was not what I initially thought he was going to be. So, that was refreshing. I don’t like that he was jaded, I think it would have made the book more interesting if he was not. Two people who are jaded on love is not my thing. Unless there’s a perfectly good reason why. I believe one character has to be in broken pieces while the other has to believe in roses and rainbow love. Too much?

The supporting characters were amazing. They took us out of Kate and Dominic romance bubble and showed us that they are actually fully functioning adults. I’ve observed that authors tend to forget about supporting characters and they leave them in a cliffhanger. And then, bam, supporting character pops out of the thin air… Or ink.

I’ve been obsessed with the ending of books. And pretty much the ending of everything. I believe how you end says more about you than how you begin. As you can imagine, when it comes to romance books, I want a cliche ending. Happy ducking ever ducking after, people. With that said, the ending of this book was satisfactory. I liked the ending because it echoed my thoughts. “No regrets.”

I don’t know if I will read the next book in the Sorensen Family Books, but I am teeny weeny bit interested on how the whole family finds love.

Have you read any of Ashlee Mallory books or Entangled: Bliss books? What’s favourite Cliche romance book?

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Yours Truly,


Beneath Him


Oh my Lordy, beneath him was everywhere in this book. And get your mind out of the gutter. It’s not beneath him, beneath him. This book is my first from Komal Kant. I’ve sampled a couple of her books but this is my first read. It was not what I was expecting. I’m not even sure what I was expecting. But it was not this.

Beneath Him was such a pleasure to read. A callous rich housewife, a compassionate father and sister and friends that are friends. The collision of Nick and Sky’s world is an absolute delight. It had a nice edge, the banter was amusing and the Matt situation did not go down like I thought it would. Think the Graysons from Revenge. Season 1, Episode 1. With a kid, and Danny having an interest in Emily; but Emily is the nanny.

I loved the Prologue. I’m a fan of any thing unconventional, so this floored me:

-Someone once told me that we are only as good as we believe ourselves to be. I've let myself forget for too long.-

I had to read this three or four times before I actually proceeded to read the book. And at some point I found myself going back to it. Nick also refers to it somewhere in the middle. Now, please read it again. Wait for five seconds to let the words sink in and hover in your brain. Now think about it. How true is that? How often do we forget that? I could write an essay based on this quote. (Cue *eye roll*)

Nick was as callous as his mother. A total jerkface. My favorite was when he kept saying this is not who he is. And saying he was hiding his true self. He buried the old him in copious amount of night stands. He was so tortured and so lonely that my heart cried for him. Of course that was after I realized that he was not exactly who he was acting out to be. Of which, every chapter you see public Nick chipping the exterior giving way to real Nick. Once the façade came off, Nick was definitely worth the fuss. Worth the drama. And man this guy had baggage. The kind I’m not sure I could help carry.

Family played such a big role here. And when I say big, it doesn’t necessarily mean good. It just played a big role. And I liked that. I also like the fact that Komal made Nick have friends from early childhood and they were not stuck-up rich kid. It was proof that Nick was not a stereotype. Hate stereotypes in books.

Sky, dearest Sky, best line from Nick about Sky.

-My Sky was different from your sky. My Sky was the earth- gentle, full of life.-.png

Can be all be like Sky? Not for Nick or for any guy. For you. I already said I want to be like Helena, but if can’t reach Helena be Sky. Or better yet, be you. The great you.

Sky didn’t have much of a family but she had a best friend. Those one’s you wonder why you even friends with them, let alone best friend. But then they make feel so good, they make remember why you’re best friends. And probably will be forever. Ever had that friend?

Oh, Sky knew how to bake. This part was torturing. The need to eat a cupcake or cookies while reading the parts that had cupcakes and cookies was high. Very high.

Okay back to Sky. Sky had a backbone. And she was passionate and so kind. Love that girl. She had so much to offer, but I feel like she was swallowed by the banter and I didn’t see her grow. She was constant throughout. Nick, however, dealt with some demons.

Nick’s aristocratic mother was scary. I would’ve quit day one after meeting her. But what she said to Sky was so demeaning and horrible she was practically oozing blue blood every time she said anything to Sky.  This woman takes the black out of everyone. She got me so riled that my thoughts were along the lines of, ‘Uh, uh, she ain’t talking to my girl like that, is she? Sky, hold my weave, my earrings and my fake Chanel bag, oh-kay, gurl? I’mma show this blue blood how we red bloods fights.’ Insert appropriate hand gestures and body language. Seriously, though.

There are two things that bugged me:

  1. I needed more Nick. I needed more of his thoughts. I felt like he was still hiding.
  2. I was not happy with that epilogue. I literally would’ve been happy with: They got married, had a child and live down the street. They still drive each other but nothing that ol’ BK can’t fix. I was unsatisfied with that epilogue.

I give three crowns to this book = to three stars. And I recommend it.

Thanks for reading! Now, feel free to send the rolling eyes emoji. Tell me what you thought of the post and if you’ve read Beneath Him, what did you think. Just drop me a comment, I swear I’ll be nice. Don’t forget to like, reblog and whatever cool things you can do here.

Yours Truly,


New Adult (NA)

Bedtime (2).png

At the beginning of this year I started reading a few New Adult books here and there. And to be honest, it was a nice change from Young Adult, especially since I was entering the New Adult world myself. I liked New Adult books.  I loved New Adult books because they explored a lot of issues often faced by new adults. The heartbrokeness (is that a word? spell check says it’s not. But whatever!), guilt, sex (though to be honest, these days sixteen is the right age to discuss sex thoroughly, not just in bio class or Sex Ed class), change, university, disappointment, working, working and studying, relationships (family, friends and romance), and many more issues. I truly loved how these issues were out there for new adults to just read and hopefully learn a thing or two. You know?

However, about six months in, I started noticing a pattern and not a good one. This pattern was/is irksome at times but other times it was/is welcome. Because who doesn’t like predictability now and then. But this kept happening as I read more and more NA books. There were repetitions of the same story line, themes and plot twists by a couple of authors. Novelty and originality was/is lacking in some books. There are books that have left me truly desensitized about certain BIG issues that happen to people out there. And this is due to some issues being discussed way too often and not thoroughly analysed. There are NA books that have handled bullying and sex abuse in a flippant manner. Some books have portrayed women as objects and things, and planted nodes that sex equal love, boundaries mean a woman is a prude, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some of these books, particularly when there is a STORY. And often there’s no story, there’s just major plot twists and sex scenes that appeal to ID and make us loose focus from the fact that there was NO story.

Where’s the moral of the story, NA? Why don’t I remember something vital after finishing the book, NA?

As I said before, they have been books that have left me stunned, in a good way. Because I was able to reflect on the book and my life. I was able to draw something paramount from the book. I still read NA books but not as often as I would like.

I thought I was alone but after reading a few reviews of some newly released books and a few blogs, I discovered that there are people that have the same problem. Megan from  Reading Books Like A Boss beautifully put into words what I’ve been feeling. Dear New Adult: An Amost-Breakup Letter is my letter and many others too. Megan just had the balls big enough for all to make it public. And I thank her for it.

To NA,

Please keep it simple. Be novel. Be original. I don’t need you to be a duplicate of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. I just need you to be more than amazing.

From me.

Check out my review on Throne of Glass here: Celaena Sardothien. Probably one of the best reviews I’ve written. Promise, I’m not that egotistic. Or full of it, I just really enjoyed writing the review.

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Yours Truly,