So, in light of my week back in Uni, I have this wonderful video about how I, and probably the majority of society, get my work done. I’m hoping to change this behaviour. Anyway, I had a ton of work I had to do for Uni and in my personal life but I kept postponing till now, where I have no choice but to do the actual work. In addition to Uni related matters, study for a test that, apparently, will determine whether I will pass or fail my third year. Yes, I only just started my third year and already have a test that is the determinant of whether I graduate or not. Here is a kicker, the said test is on all the things I’ve covered thus far in my major. Can I be honest, I don’t remember the things I did in first year because I hardly remember anything from that year, major-wise. I remember my other courses because they were fun. So, tomorrow night I have a date with my first year marketing text book. Monday night I’m brushing up on global marketing and branding, from second year. Anyway, the reason I’m posting this is because I’ve also been procrastinating on writing the two remaining reviews and reading the one book. And pretty much anything that is paramount for my life as an adult-to-be. However, in my defense, I’ve been making gifts for my friends 21st birthdays. I have one friend whose turning twenty-one in March and the other in April. I’m getting their gifts done now because the chances of forgetting their birthday until the phone reminds me are high. Very high. And I’ve been spending my time on YouTube, which resulted in the cutting of my data bundle quota.

I’d have the video here but there seems to be a problem with inserting the video as my media file. Maybe I’m being dumb, but I highly doubt that. So I have a link for you. Many of you have probably seen the video. If you have, you know why I’ve spent my time on YouTube so much. If you haven’t, just click on the link and you’ll see what I mean.

How I Get Work Done.

P.S. This video accurately depicts my behaviour when I study. My dual-coloured walls look like The Lourve when I have to study.  My nails look like they need to be worked on, mind you, I hardly pay attention to my nails, but when I have to study I wonder what colour I should paint them and I look for nail designs online. And suddenly, I feel like making anyone who is home food and tea; and baking cupcakes. That’s how bad I am. I’m not opposed to studying, I just hate it. I love learning because in learning there’s hunger to know more. But studying is trying to make sure you know that course, and only that course.

Let me know what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done due to procrastination. Also tell me if you’re pro-learning or pro-studying.  And please be kind as to like this post. 😉 Because by posting this, I am pushing the one important thing I’m supposed to do.

Yours Truly,