Celaena Sardothien


Where do I begin? Throne of Glass is an adventure in so many ways. Every page takes you deeper into the continent of Erilea; and deeper and deeper into Celaena’s life. The first page tells you that this is no mediocre story. The first line and first chapter promises an adventure. Everything about the book heralds something beyond expectation.

Sarah J. Maas created an engrossing world that seems so real, you ache to read the next book.

The characters are the story and the story is the characters. Does that make sense? Hope it does. Let me explain.

The blurb and the book cover tell you that Celaena is no ordinary eighteen-year-old girl. I personally like how the book cover introduces Celaena: A heart of ice. A will of Steel. Meet the assassin. First I want to say the introduction itself creates one of heck of an expectation. And Celaena does not disappoint. She’s more than the expectation. The girl cannot be boxed. She is dynamic. Every node planted into our heads before reading the book, as we read the book from her perspective and the perspective of others weave the story that is the Throne of Glass. Her will of steel is seen in every little thing she does. The assassin is seen in ways you wouldn’t expect. Her heart of ice tells a story of its own. And proves to be more than what people think the heart of an assassin would be. The reasons she is the way she is tells the story. It tells you the why and the how of Celaena Sardothien, the assassin and of Celaena Sardothien, the girl.

Dorian, the Crown Prince of Adarlan, is also dynamic. When we first meet him via the eyes of Celaena we know he has the potential to be more. He only shows what he wants you to see. We first see him as your typical spoiled prince, one who is gifted in looks and is not afraid to use them. But as the story journeys you see that he’s more than what meets the eye. He’s compassionate. He has an understanding that many of his caliber don’t.The inner struggles that he goes through nicely twines into the story, making it one with Celaena’s. His character contributes to the meaning of Throne of  Glass, what it is and why it is the title of the book. Its significance.

Captain Chaol Westfall is my dream. Forever dressed in black. The way his character knits into the story breaks my heart. I think he is the presentation of both reality and fantasy. He hides his feelings well, he’s handsome and has unwavering loyalty to his continent. And he’s more. I don’t want to say more because I might just tell you the whole story…with spoilers.

The other characters make your heart sing because of their role in the story. At the end of the book, they make you want jump from wherever you are in a beatific manner. And for me personally, they make me wish I was one of them. And there are the villains of the story, they equally makes this book the adventure it is.

There are themes that explored that ordinarily will make me put the book down. But that’s where the story is the characters. The story of a girl with a destiny so great and skills so deadly tells you something stupendous about Celaena and the prominent female characters. The story of a prince trying to find his place in the glass throne and doing his best to lead from the heart tells you the prince is remarkable. And it shows he’s more than just a prince. The story of a Captain of the Guard is the story after my own heart. The story indicates a valiant character. Chaol will you be mine? For now? *Bats eyelashes like Celaena*

What truly stood out for me, above everything else, is how each character grew as the story develops. This includes the antagonists as well. All the changes that took place made this story relatable. And understandable. It was not just a great story to read. It was a great story to understand.

And there’s something I want to say that is a spoiler but I won’t say it. Instead I’m going to throw in my favorite lines to satisfy my heart.

“She’d survived Endovier, yet she could still laugh.” -Chaol

“I give you this name to use with honour, to use when other names grow too heavy. I name you Elentiya, ‘Spirit That Could Not Be Broken.” – Princess Nehemia

“Arobynn told me that second place was just a nice title for the first loser” – Celaena

-Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

Before I recommend this book I just want to say because of the hype I thought it was going to be disappointing. However, I can personally attest to its bewitching magic, its  transfixing story and its mesmerizing characters.

With that said, I completely, wholly give my recommendation to read Throne of Glass and its sequels, why? Because it’s a portal to untold magic. It is an entrance to a whole new world, a promise of an adventure.

I loved it…and you’re going to love it if you don’t already.

Like and share. And let me know your thoughts on Throne of Glass. I know I’m a little late but bare with me.

Yours Truly,