Ladies, can we all just take a minute… or five to gawk, drool, and swoon at Lance Parker and his abs?

Drooling for Lance Parker


Okay, another gawk-drool-swoon for Freddie Archibald… let it all out, ladies.

Drool for FreddieBefore I begin to rave about this book, I’d say get yourself a copy of Scoring Wilder… it just makes this sports romance sweeter. Um… because Liam Wilder!

Settling the Score…

…has it all. A touch of fairy-tale? Yes! A dose of real life? Uh, yeah! A helluva of Romance? Yesss! One or two modern day monsters? Yep! Hot guys? Imagine Calvin Klein male models. Yeah, a continent full of those fine specimen. Okay, close your mouth, girl. ūüėČ

I went into this book thinking: Playboy meets a nice girl with great ambitions and falls hard, add a few hurdles and speed bumps and viola happy ever after. But, nope. Rachel (R.S. Grey) had other things on her mind. Forbidden love. At least for a while.

I thought I’d had my fill of forbidden love stories. That I can only take it in small doses. But this forbidden love story, which really wasn’t forbidden at all- semantics were, I wanted it all. I devoured it. ¬†It took me longer to finish, but not because of lack of good content, but because I knew if I devoured it all in one go, it will be over way too soon. And Greed has never looked good on anyone.

I loved that Rachel took us through a journey, and didn’t just thrust us into a whirlwind romance. I loved that, from the beginning, we got a taste of Brazil. We also got a taste of the Olympics village. I found myself wondering why I wasn’t ever committed to sports. I found myself wanting to join a team so that in four years time I’d be going to the Summer Games too.

This whole novel, for me- when I truly think about, it felt like Andie and Freddie¬†were telling me¬†their story, especially Andie. Instead of me watching from the outside. I really don’t want to say more, because I know this will be filled with spoilers if I write more. This book was that good. I will say this, though, the primary supporting characters were ah-mah-zing. Can they be my friends? Pretty please? Because, squad goals. I never say that but really, they all are squad goals.

Freddie was anything but a playboy or even a bad boy. He’s kind of the guy every mother wants for her daughter. His character was simply amazing and humbling. I think that’s why I sort of fell for him #BookBoyfriend. He was unexpected and I’m being honest. Again, I don’t know how to write this review without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it. Everything I want to write, right now, will be giving out way too many key elements of the story. Especially if I talk about F-F-Freddie.

Andie, as well, was unexpected. Like going to McDonalds for chicken nuggets and getting served real chicken nuggets, instead of dried cardboard unexpected. That was Andie- a real chicken nugget. If you’ve read, Scoring Wilder, all I can say is what Kingsley went through with the media Andie went through that and more. To endure that kind of hostility from teammates and harshness from strangers you have to so strong. And Andie was exactly that. I wanted to be her when her confidence rose. It was beautiful. When everyone expected her to accept defeat, she rose like a phoenix from proverbial flames. To be honest I wanted to be her all the time. Because…Freddie.But mostly, I wanted to have the drive she had. The confidence she had in herself, her body, her ability.

One thing I didn’t like, was that this book was slightly similar to Scoring Wilder, but after mulling over the idea I think Rachel did so purposefully. Kingsley and Andie are different in their own right. I think the characters from Scoring Wilder crossed over because of the kind of support only those characters can give.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the Summer Games. Rachel, if it is not too much to ask for, can that ¬†hot soccer guy with bad English get his own book or happy ever after too? Guys, they way this guy was speaking English was adorable. Really cute.

I give this book four stars, but because the epilogue and the epilogue of the epilogue satiated me, I give it one extra star. Go big or go home, right?

I’ve read about four or five R.S. Grey books so far, started this year and I’ve loved them all. I will probably review some. Having said that, I recommend this book and much more to come. I also recommend the author. Her writing style is captivating.

Hope you enjoyed this review, and I know I didn’t make sense half the time but… F-Freddie. Blame him for my incoherence.

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